Warrior/Samurai-geared towards war and victory.

Aikidoka(inside the warrior)-trained to choose and always obligated to take the path of higher ethics and for the good of all for peace

The sun/Red background-to pay homage to its origins from Japan, also represent war and conflict all around the warrior

The blue field/ground-the strong foundation and center that makes the warrior adapt to new situations, withstand all odds; is his commitment to peace and humanity

*Design: Kenneth Lee Materum
*Description/ Interpretation: Stella Fuentes

What is Warriors for Peace?

Warriors for Peace is a non-governmental organization composed of individuals and groups who believe that Aikido can make a difference in the way people approach conflict. We are a group of practitioners and non-practitioners of Aikido who truly believe and think that there is a way a person can be reached and assisted in dealing and working with conflict in a positive and constructive manner.

What do we do?

Warriors for Peace develops and executes programs that address the education, practice and network with other groups and individuals interested in exploring alternative and innovative ways of conflict education and peace work.
With careful study and planning, Warriors for Peace Pilipinas drafts proposals of viable projects that will benefit the local or concerned areas in terms of educating for aikido and conflict analysis and management, which, in turn, can spread awareness towards a more adept community in dealing with conflict.
This awareness is brought about by different methods in teaching and integrating aikido and its unique properties in addressing how individuals react to, respond to, work with and handle problems that might have otherwise negative results.
We develop projects and manpower to pilot these projects until they are self sufficient and able to function on their own.

Why use Aikido?

To fully understand the nature of Aikido, one must study its history and main principles. In a very short overview, Aikido means “the way of harmonizing with the universal energy”. Morihei Ueshiba developed a martial art which was based from a brutal Japanese art called Budo or Bushido (the way of the samurai). In 1942 the term Aikido was established and thus the art of peace was born.

There are several principles and virtues taught by Aikido.
° Humility and Gratitude
° Respect for others
° Empathy, Harmony and Cooperation
° Reconciliation
° Openness
° Integrity

When we consider the other person’s well being, as well as our own, there is always room for starting over, maintaining communication, respect, and hopefully, the realization that we want to work with them to come to a mutually satisfying relationship.

Our Mission/Vision and Goals are:

Conflict affected communities have the capacity and temperament for creative intervention to empower political structures for changing the nature of war.

The Warriors for Peace propagate the Japanese martial art AIKIDO as a vehicle for understanding and transforming conflict.
It works with communities to develop its capacities to approach conflict constructively.
It mentors aikidokas to further the Aikido approach in conflict transformation
It advocates changes in the political and combative systems and structures towards nonviolent means

To involve the target sectors in physical activities that will lead to moral and social upliftment.
To organize an educational thrust towards more peaceful means by tapping schools and academies for conflict prevention strategies.
To use aikido as a method to open the minds of participants in specific sectors that handle peace and order towards more constructive and creative conflict management and crisis intervention.
To re-orient communities and individuals towards a transformative and reconciliatory frame of mind.

Who can join?

Anybody who is committed to develop a productive peaceful society, willing to learn from and educate others, has an understanding of Aikido and will work towards the same goals and vision mission is a good candidate.