Follow up visit to Southern Negros together with HELP for Peace
Follow-up visit pushed through despite the erratic weather condition. Dr. Kochoa, the HELP for Peace president, also went with us to assess and discuss the health concerns of the villagers.
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Initial visit of the Warriors for Peace Academy to Southern Negros
The Warriors for Peace revisits the hinterlands. This trip marked the first aikido teaching experience of the academy participants
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Warriors for Peace coordinators and facilitators have their refresher on Aikido by one of the prominent personality in the Aikido, Art of Peace. Read more (pdf download)

Warriors for Peace was invited by the Peace and Justice Commission of East Timor.
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During the Peace Week (Nov. 26- Dec. 3, 2007) the Warriors for Peace Academy had the taste on how to be exposed to various sectors in the society. They were given a chance to present about the Academy’s program and Aikido, The Boy Scout of the Philippines and to St. Scholastica’s Academy. Read more (pdf download)

Thai Professor and aikido pratitioner visits Warriors for Peace. Read more (pdf download)

Our Muslim brothers of the Warriors for Peace Academy celebrated Ramadan with their comrades, instructors and the staff of the Niall O' Brien Center in Bacolod City.
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Intercultural Education: The Warriors for Peace Academy participants had a presentation of their culture and religion to the group. Read more (pdf download)