"Gratitude is the memory of the heart." - Jean Baptiste Massieu (translated from French)

AGEH (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Entwicklungshilfe).
The Association for Development Cooperation is the specialist agency of the German Catholics for international cooperation. It is the oldest German personnel agency and was founded in 1959 on the initiative of Catholic associations and organisations. In collaboration with partner organisations in Germany and overseas the AGEH as a government-recognized personnel agency provides qualified and open-minded men and women to work in development cooperation projects operated by church organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and in the reformed countries of eastern Europe. or

German Development Service in the Philippines. DED is the development service of the Federal Republic of Germany for personnel cooperation. It supports its local partners by making available committed expatriate personnel, but do not plan and implement our own projects.  

The Peace Agents Foundation aims to foster means of TRUTH, JUSTICE and RECONCILIATION in conflict areas and violent environments. The martial art AIKIDO is considered as the 'Art of Peace' and as such it plays a key role in our strategic and methodical approaches working with conflict.
Our overall goal is the creation of alternative or complementary strategies against all threats or applications of injust violence in crises, the installation of POLICIES OF PEACE and the search for reconciliation-oriented approaches to conflict and war.

Kyokan Dojo of Bacolod. Dojo that provides traditional Aikido training here in Bacolod City. Kyokan means, "the ability to relate to others, to see clearly from their perspective." Thus, this dojo's mission is to practice the art of Aikido to help its practitioners open up or widen their perspective and understand other people's point of view.

The PAX CHRISTI INSTITUTE serves the vision statement of Pax Christi Pilipinas:
A proactive, nonviolent, responsive, and creative life affirming movement that reconciles and nurtures relationships and communities.

PECOJON -The Peace and Conflict Journalism: an international network of print, radio and broadcast journalists, filmmakers and journalism teachers who focus on implementing and mainstreaming a responsible and constructive reporting of conflict, crisis and war.

A life-nurturing health care in violent environments.
The Barefoot Doctors project is designed to empower farmers and lay persons in conflict-affected communities on the basic aspects of the human body, the illnesses that attack it, and the possible remedies that they can do. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to render basic emergency care in situations such as fractures, wounds and provide primary health care for common illnesses.

Peace Agents - Pilipinas: Focuses on political empowerment and participation as its contribution to peace and conflict work. The organization got its inspiration from the various communities that have expressed their disappointments on political decision-maker concerning human rights violations, misuse of power, corruption and injustice against the poor.